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Sup-R-Lix, Accuration Range Liquid 32-5

Manufacturer: Purina

Sup-R-Lix® Liquid Supplements

Balanced liquid supplements for beef cattle on pasture with Intake Modifying Technology to manage consumption. A range of products with different levels of modifiers are available to match pasture management, animal condition and manager goals

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Contains 5% fatIncreases level of readily available energy in ration to improve gains and feed efficiency.
Contains protein, vitamins and mineralsFurnishes all nutrients necessary to balance deficiencies in range cattle diets.
Intake Modifying Technology® causes cattle to consume multiple small snacks daily of the supplement, which optimizes the flow of nutrients to the digestive system, thereby increasing forage intake, overall utilization and cattle performance.Convenience – Peace of Mind
Molasses-fat blendImproves ration condition and palatability. Easy to store and handle in bulk.